Friday, November 30, 2012

Earth as Art

Welcome to the Challenge of Color 2012 Blog Hop!

The Challenge

Hosted by Erin of Treasures Found in collaboration with Brandi of Brandy Girl Blog. The pictures Erin chose are from satellite photos of various places on the earth. Please go to Erin's wonderful post explaining these images. Brandi then created color palettes for each image. Participants were given two of the images/palettes to use as inspiration to create a piece of jewelry.

Of course, I did not start the project until the 11th hour. Fortunately, it wasn't from just pure procrastination. I also had to take an unexpected flight to see my family. This threw my schedule way off. It did, however, give me a chance to let my ideas percolate. Due to time issues I only used one of the palettes.

The Inspiration

Pinacate Volcano Field
  December 5, 2002
  • The pockmarked terrain of Pinacate National Park in Mexico's Sonora Province is evidence of a violent past. Among hundreds of volcanic vents and cinder cones are rare maar craters, formed when rising magma met underground water to create pockets of steam that blew nearly circular holes in the overlying crust.
Amazing isn't it! There was something about these colors that completely drew me in. The other image had colors that were more in my comfort zone, but I really wanted to challenge myself. I also chose to use only what I could find in my stash to create. This meant absolutely no purchasing of anything new ~ those of you that know me know how hard this is for me. I had to get really creative to get the yellow colors into my design. I didn't have one yellow bead. ~ Originally I had plans to get the torch fired up and create something out of glass. Alas, this did not come to pass. ~ I also have a very limited supply of yellow metals ~ brass and gold. I did however have an abundance of ammo casings. (Thanks to my trip this month!)

The Result

The components I used, listed in the same color order as the palette:

      *brass bullet casings
              ~ for the end caps and disks
              ~ I cut some casings up and punched the resulting
                 miniature sheets into tiny disks.
      *gold chain
      *lava beads
             ~seemed very fitting due to the location of the satellite
             ~my 5 yr old son actually picked these out for himself
               last month when I dragged him along to the store...
               What luck!
      *amethyst beads
            ~ for a pop of color and contrast at the
               top not an exact match but it was close ;)
      *sterling silver with a LOS patina




  Please leave a comment telling me what you think!

Thanks for visiting!

~Michelle :)

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Happy hopping!

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Join me!

It's not to have until the end of the day to sign up and join me on this challenge.

something new

The month of November has become a month for me to make changes in my life. Forget waiting until January...there's no time like the present!

*I've hired a personal trainer to help me get back into shape and get me through the holiday season of comfort food and indoor inactivity.

*I seem to be having a hard time committing to keeping this blog updated. As a way to improve the situation I've decided to participate in a blog hop. (Details to follow.) This is way out of my comfort zone ~ I'm a bit nervous...even as I write this I want to delete this post and quit to a different room.

Alchemy96px Oh, and I'm in the process of completing another class by the wonderful and extremely talented Deryn Mentock.

The Alchemy of Objects


Purple Irises
Design Challenge 1: Symmetrical Balance

I started with one of my pics of my favorite flowers and pulled from that a color palette.


As an added challenge I wanted to use items that I already have ~ no trips to the bead store or anywhere else.  Using the color palette as inspiration I pulled items in that color range. I also decided to use something new ~ steel wire! I love the color and the fact that it will bring down the final cost if I decide to sell this piece.

In the final design I used one of my own flameworked focals and spacer beads, gray faceted pearls, amethyst beads, copper chain and steal wire. For more pics check out my Flickr photostream.