Sunday, June 24, 2012

Coast to Coast

This move was our longest one to date. We left beautiful, temperate, San Diego and relocated to beautiful, not-so-temperate Virginia Beach. Being that this was also an end to an extremely long separation (military) from my husband, we turned the move into a family vacation/road trip. 

Amazingly the majority of the photos were taken using Hipstamatic on my iPhone. 

how in the world did i accumulate so much stuff?
saying "goodbye" to the pacific ocean
helicopter tour of the grand canyon

sight seeing at meteor crater
"the meteor made a BIG BIG hole"
camping in dinosaur park, texas

riding a pony at a rodeo in austin
saying "hello" to the atlantic ocean

Saturday, June 16, 2012

update...of sorts

Wow, where do I begin? Chronologically, or most recent? Or should I just focus on the now? Maybe I'll stay true to life and update in a completely unorganized fashion...

The Art of Closure was amazing! The class has given me tons of ideas for new closures for my jewelry. Deryn Mentock is truly a talented teacher and the fact that her on-line classes reflect this is a true accomplishment! I would highly recommend her to any and all interested in jewelry design. Amazingly, despite our move across country, I was able to find the time to complete the course. Here are some examples of my work from the class~ 

*everything was done using either copper or bronze keep the cost down as I'm keeping these for reference and won't be using them in jewelry.*

Deryn is currently offering a class that I've been wanting to take since I first laid eyes on her amazing jewelry~Boho Bliss, Hoops! (Yes, I'm taking this one also!) If you have the time and inclination join me!

Well, that's about all for today...I have a ton of things I want to accomplish while my dh has my biggest distraction, aka our son, out of the house. Later this week I'll finish the update with the following:

*our move across country w/ pics!
*pics of my new studio set-up
*before and after shots of our new/old furniture

of course the above is not necessarily the order in which each subject will be posted about ;)